By Inverse Security Labs

Trainer: Karim Nathoo

Duration: 3 days, October 29-31, 2018

Course description:

This course teaches you how to write code to automatically extract and analyze data from the web and social media.  This classroom training is based on selected topics from the popular online Master Course available at and has been developed with permission and in co-operation with original course author Justin Seitz.  This course has been taken by hundreds of people from around the world from law enforcement, journalism, information security and more.  This classroom training has been developed for students seeking a classroom version of the course.

The course will cover selected topics from the Master Course including:

Twitter API:

  • Twitter Download all Tweets for a target profile
  • Discover all friends and followers for any Twitter user
  • Extract all Tweets from a geographic location
  • Utilize the Twitter Streaming API to monitor thousands of accounts and up to 25 geographic locations

YouTube API:

  • Search for videos based on keywords
  • Discover all videos filmed in a geographic location

Web Scraping:

  • Learn to deconstruct websites using Google Chrome
  • Build your own scrapers to extract data from websites
  • Automating a web browser to extract tricky content


  • Facebook does not have an API and it is not easily scraped like other websites. Students will learn some techniques to:
  • Store snapshots of Facebook pages
  • Automate the retrieval of Facebook friends
  • Monitor Facebook accounts and pages for new posts

Data Visualization & Analysis:

  • Learn to automatically discover connections between social media accounts
  • Generate network graphs of social media relationships
  • Use Gephi to explore your generated graphs to find outliers or interesting targets

Build Your Own OSINT Search Engine:

  • Getting started with Elasticsearch
  • Modifying previous scripts to store Tweets, Instagram posts, and website data (this is crucial to long term OSINT collection)
  • Using Kibana, your very own dashboard to search and visualize data across social media and websites you have stored
  • Developing Python code to query your database for custom searches

Student Prerequisites:

Students should have good familiarity and comfort with the Python Programming Language.  Students without knowledge of Python are encouraged to take the online Python for Beginners Course available at:

Students must bring a Mac or Windows laptop with Python 2.7 installed and must have administrative access to install new software.  Laptops should have at least 20 GB of free disk space and 8GB of RAM is recommended although less will likely work.

Instructor Bio:

Karim Nathoo is a freelance computer security consultant providing specialized security services to government, military and private sector clients. Karim has extensive experience in high assurance ethical hacking, incident response and security product evaluation, including the application of binary code analysis and reverse engineering. Karim has delivered professional services for international clients in Asia, Europe, Canada and the United States. Karim has experience ranging from working with R&D teams in cutting edge technical environments to providing executive level risk management briefings and proof of concept demonstrations. Karim is the co-founder of the COUNTERMEASURE IT Security Conference taking place annually in Ottawa, Canada (

Recent News

October 9th 2018

Cloud security issues are a key focus at this year’s COUNTERMEASURE IT Security Conference, with in depth training as well as key presentation from industry leaders. Graham Thompson, who participated in our 2017 cloud security panel discussion, leads an intensive three day training course, Cloud Security Fundamentals & FedRAMP. IBM’s Jeff Crume will be giving a keynote presentation on Security in the Clouds, and Teri Radichel will present on Top Priorities for Cloud Application Security. For institutions with a cloud infrastructure, these sessions should not be missed.

September 20th 2018

Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek join our growing list of speakers at COUNTERMEASURE 2018.  Their presentation on Security Self-Driving Cars will explore the future security issues of this emerging sector. 

In the not too distant future, we'll live in a world where computers are driving our cars. Soon, cars may not even have steering wheels or brake pedals. But, in this scenario, should we be worried about cyber attack of these vehicles? In this talk, two researchers who have headed self-driving car security teams for multiple companies will discuss how self driving cars work, how they might be attacked, and how they can ultimately be secured.
You can view their presentations and those of our other speakers here.

Cancellation Policy

Substitutions can be made at any time. Unfortunately we cannot refund registration fees. Each course is subject to a minimum number of students. In the unlikely event that a course must be cancelled due to low enrolment, full refunds will be provided to registered students.

For more information on COUNTERMEASURE 2018, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or our office line at 613-725-2079.