President and CEO
Advanced Symbolics Inc.

Erin Kelly is President and CEO of Advanced Symbolics Inc. (ASI), a company that uses Artificial Intelligence to measure human behaviour and predict outcomes.

Advanced Symbolics research has been used in the field of health care to predict suicide rates, assess the effectiveness of patient outreach programs and use of medicines.  They are also well known for their work in consumer and retail research, public transportation and tourism.

Advanced Symbolics gained acclaim after it correctly predicted the BREXIT vote, the 2016 American Election and the 2015 Federal Election in Canada a month before the vote took place.

Erin Kelly is featured regularly in national and international media for the work her company is doing to advance research into human behaviour. 

Erin in a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) with over 20 years experience in market research and advertising. 

Advanced Symbolics holds two U.S. patents on population sampling for online media and works with major companies including Disney, McDonald’s Canada, Cadillac Fairview, Bell, and many branches of government.

Recent News

October 9th 2018

Cloud security issues are a key focus at this year’s COUNTERMEASURE IT Security Conference, with in depth training as well as key presentation from industry leaders. Graham Thompson, who participated in our 2017 cloud security panel discussion, leads an intensive three day training course, Cloud Security Fundamentals & FedRAMP. IBM’s Jeff Crume will be giving a keynote presentation on Security in the Clouds, and Teri Radichel will present on Top Priorities for Cloud Application Security. For institutions with a cloud infrastructure, these sessions should not be missed.

September 20th 2018

Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek join our growing list of speakers at COUNTERMEASURE 2018.  Their presentation on Security Self-Driving Cars will explore the future security issues of this emerging sector. 

In the not too distant future, we'll live in a world where computers are driving our cars. Soon, cars may not even have steering wheels or brake pedals. But, in this scenario, should we be worried about cyber attack of these vehicles? In this talk, two researchers who have headed self-driving car security teams for multiple companies will discuss how self driving cars work, how they might be attacked, and how they can ultimately be secured.
You can view their presentations and those of our other speakers here.

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