Developer and researcher

Mr. Iliadis is a full stack developer and researcher with over 20 years of experience, currently leading the technology efforts at MedSec. He is well known in the security research community, allowing him to attract development talent normally unavailable to a startup. At MedSec, Mr. Iliadis has made many substantial research findings including a pacemaker vulnerability which resulted in an FDA cybersecurity advisory. Mr Iliadis has also architected a new groundbreaking product for medical networks called MedScan which is quickly attracting interest from top domestic and international hospitals. Prior to MedSec, Mr. Iliadis was the head developer of a wireless penetration testing tool at Immunity called SILICA.

Aside from Immunity he has also served as lead security assessment consultant for fortune 500 companies. Mr. Iliadis has also discovered many vulnerabilities in major operating systems and other popular vendor products such as Routers, appliances and embedded devices. Mr. Iliadis gained a lot of publicity at the age of 16 after discovering a security vulnerability in the biggest internet provider (ForthNet) at that time. He has been interviewed for his technological achievements by many national broadcasters in Greece. At the age of 23 he started a security company which garnered contracts from several top 100 Greek companies. Mr. Iliadis has architected and implemented many products from the ground up which are still in use.

Recent News

September 13, 2017

SciBabe, Ryan Kazanciyan and more added as speakers at the 2017 COUNTERMEASURE IT Security Conference. Here top security specialists from the public and private sector, in both technical and management tracks. For more information on this year's speakers, click here.

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