Peter Goodman

Creating a scalable, distributed bug-finding system that is more than just the sum of its parts is challenging. Finding bugs that occur deep within a program's execution requires the application of multiple bug-finding approaches (e.g. fuzzing, symbolic execution, static analysis). This talk will describe the practical aspects of how to design and implement a bug-finding system that combines multiple bug-finding approaches, using Cyberdyne as a running example.

Cyberdyne is a distributed, automatic bug-finding system, originally developed to compete in the DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge (CGC). Cyberdyne finds and fixes bugs in program binaries, without human intervention. Cyberdyne combines off-the-shelf and custom bug-finding tools into a unified, scalable system.

The first half of this talk describes Cyberdyne's exoskeleton: the service-oriented architecture (SOA) that coordinates Cyberdyne's bug-finding tools, triages and patches bugs, and validates that patches maintain program functionality. The second half of this talk describes Cyberdyne's "machine intelligence": the individual bug-finding tools, and the mechanism by which they cooperate to find deep program bugs.

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June 26 2018

We are happy to announce our first set of confirmed speakers for the 2018 COUNTERMEASURE IT Security Conference, which includes Scott Jones, Head-designate, Canadian Centre for Cyber Security and Assistant Deputy Minister for the Communications Security Establishment (CSE). Mr. Jones joins Imraan Bashir, Senior Director of Cyber Security within the Chief Information Officer Branch at Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS).
You can view their profiles and those of our other speakers here.

November 24, 2017

COUNTERMEASURE 2017 welcomed over 300 participants to discuss key topics in public sector IT security.  We have posted most of the presentation slides here, and two of our most talked about presentations are now available on our YouTube channel.  

Kelly Shortridge - The Red Pill of Resilience

Frode Hommedal - The Cyber Threat Intelligence Matrix: Taking the Red Pill of Attacker Eviction

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