Toward 5G, Toward vulnerabilities

During this talk, I will review traditional security flaws in the telecommunication industry and all possible mitigations developed by top industry vendors in radio, signaling and packet data. After that, I will demonstrate how we can detect and bypass these security mechanisms to exploit and foothold inside mobile service providers as well as some unique vulnerabilities in pure 5G networks. As a conclusion, I will illustrate how vendors can patch those vulnerabilities and telecom service providers can set up countermeasure solutions.

Presentation Outline:

  • Introduction
  • Telecom industry hacking news and real world examples
  • Traditional vulnerability
  • older technology architecture
  • 5G architecture
  • A survey on older security flaws (Radio/Signalling) on 5G
  • Bypassing techniques
  • Attacking 5G core network
  • Attacking 5G NR
  • Countermeasures and solutions

Presenter: Ali Abdollahi