Security in the age of Advanced Persistent Transformation: Fireside Chat

Today, the world is adapting, rethinking, reinvigorating and reinventing every aspect of how we live, work communicate, collaborate, learn, transact business, even socialize. Right now, we are challenging assumptions that have held true for years, decades or even centuries at an accelerating pace and degree of creative disruption never seen before. We are entering a new era of society where advancements and innovation will happen at exponential speeds and where the scope and degree of transformation and progress will be astounding. However, speed and complexity of change itself is now beginning to create unintended consequences, expose new vulnerabilities and become a threat vector of its own.

Join Lisa Lorenzin, Director of Transformation of Zscaler and Kevin Magee, Microsoft Canada’s Chief Security Officer as they explore the ongoing history of the security industry, the evolving trends that will shape the future and what we need to do now in order to secure the age of Advanced Persistent Transformation.

Presenter: Lisa Lorenzin and Kevin Magee