How the Latest Workforce Survey Will Impact Your Next Job

John McCumber

(ISC)2 recently conducted their annual Cybersecurity Workforce Study. With input from more 1,400 participants surveyed worldwide, including professionals – CISSP certified and non-certified professionals – who spend at least 25% of their time on cybersecurity. The study assesses gaps in the cybersecurity workforce and gathers input that yields a better understanding of challenges and reveals solutions for the cybersecurity profession.

In defining the “cybersecurity workforce” it is important to understand these people are often the ones operationalizing their security programs, policies, best practices and procedures. This includes many IT/ICT staff who have hands-on responsibility for securing our data every day, and holistically their views and opinions create a more realistic representation of the security challenges and opportunities we face around the globe.

In this session presented by Intrinsec Security, John McCumber, Director of Cybersecurity Advocacy for (ISC)2, will discuss findings from the 2018 Cybersecurity Workforce Study – including the new method of data collection – addressing the global skills gap and its effect on organizational security while exposing the facts behind the myths, and share why anecdotal information and the workforce gap may be more inline than it would seem.