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Marc Brouillard Government of Canada: The Journey to Zero Trust
Alex Hemmati Cyber Ranges: Training your Cyber Warriors : Are you REALLY ready?
John Pilon & Karl Galbraith How to Win in the Era of the 18 Minute Breach
Saumil Udayan Shah Introducing ARM-X – The ARM IoT Firmware Emulation Framework
David Pearson Shared Responsibility is not Shared Risk! Managing Risk in a Shared Responsibility Environment.
James Smith Rethinking Vulnerability Prioritization in the Modern Threat Landscape
Douglas Santos The Evolution of File-less Ransomware
Nicholas Rowe Journey Through the Labyrinth of Microsegmentation
Jamie Sanbower Demystifying Zero Trust Architecture
Andrew Hay Be an Inspirational Coach, Not an Oppressive Security Executive
Renee DiResta Disinformation as a Cybersecurity Problem
Julian Cohen Adversary-Based Threat Modeling and Risk Analysis
Roger Ofarril Threat Hunting Primer: Moving From a Reactive to a Proactive Mindset
Diana Kelly Shifting Sands – Shoring up Cyber-defense in a Rapidly Changing Threat Landscape: Insights from the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report Volume 24
Eldar Marcussen Terminal Vertex – Attacking Network Monitoring
Perri Adams & Sophia D’Antoine In Search of Lost Bytes, “Assurance Under Low Trust Conditions”
Sophia D’Antoine The Secret Life of Supply Chains
Jeremy Blackthorne Reverse-Engineering with NSA’s Ghidra
Numaan Huq Exposed and Vulnerable Critical Infrastructure – Energy & Water Industries
Costin G. Raiu & Vitaly Kamluk Insights from Supply Chain Attack Investigations
John McCumber Cyber Supply Chain
Zeshan Aziz How Political Bots influence Brexit – A new way of classifying bots
Simon Zuckerbraun The Brave New World of JavaScript Engine Vulnerabilities
Ryan Warns Unrestricted or improperly validated access to the privileged Model Specific Register (MSR) instructions
Nicholas Palmer and Dmitri Volkov From Compromise to Monetize: An Investigation Into BriansClub
Luc Dandurand Improving Preparedness Through Cyber Exercises
Kellman Meghu What Did You Do So Wrong, You Thought You Needed a Firewall in the Cloud?