Advisory Board

COUNTERMEASURE's Advisory Board (CAB) is comprised of influential IT security professionals who are renowned experts in their fields. This group provides strategic advice on everything from event theme to speaker selection. There are currently eight individuals on the CAB.

For more information on the CAB and its work, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Dave Aitel

Founder and CEO
Immunity Inc.

The Founder and CEO of Immunity, Dave Aitel, was a consultant with @stake and a research scientist with the National Security Agency. Dave’s background lies in Linux and Unix systems. His focus changed to Windows exploitation after founding Immunity, and in more recent years has expanded to include web applications and engine development for CANVAS such as MOSDEF, the engine’s C compiler. Dave continues to write CANVAS exploits and conduct security research while leading the technical team and product and service direction at Immunity. He oversees all technical projects at Immunity.

Dean De Beer

Co-founder and CTO

Dean is co-founder and CTO of ThreatGRID, a malware analysis and threat intelligence platform. When not looking at improving on ways to analyze malware, he is involved in incident response and targeted threat analysis for a wide variety of client organizations in the financial, federal and energy sectors. Dean is a well sought after trainer, who leverages his technical experience with his ability to communicate complex concepts and ideas. Currently he serves as a guest instructor for NYU Polytechnic’s Network Security and Penetration Testing track. Dean is also a regular public speaker and has been invited to speak to organizations such as RSA/Netwitness, Gartner, IANS, the ISSA, SC Congress and the NYPD’s Computer Crime Division. He is regularly quoted on malware related topics in publications such as the Register, Dark Reading, The New York Times, Reuters and SC Magazine.

Dan Guido

Trail of Bits, Inc.

Dan Guido is the CEO of Trail of Bits and the Product Manager for Javelin, an attack simulation service for enterprises. His work focuses extensively on methods for applying intelligence to information security, measuring adversary return on investment, and detailed analysis of exploits and exploitation capabilities of attackers. Prior to Trail of Bits, Dan worked for iSEC Partners, where he provided application security and incident response services to clients in the technology, finance and media industries, and for the Federal Reserve System, where he proposed and developed a centralized function for threat intelligence. In addition to his professional work, Dan is a Hacker in Residence at the NYU School of Engineering where he oversees student research and helps them to deeply understand attacks that have been seen in the wild.

Ryan Kazanciyan

Chief Security Architect

Ryan Kazanciyan is the Chief Security Architect for Tanium, and has fourteen years of experience in incident response, forensic analysis, and security assessments. Ryan leads Tanium’s Endpoint Detection and Response team and oversees the design and roadmap for Tanium’s security product suite. Prior to joining Tanium, Ryan led investigation and remediation efforts at Mandiant, where he spent six years working with dozens of Fortune 500 organizations impacted by targeted attacks.

Ryan has trained hundreds of incident response practitioners as an instructor for Black Hat and the FBI’s cyber squad. He is a frequent speaker at industry events around the world, and was a contributing author for “Incident Response and Computer Forensics 3rd Edition” (McGraw-Hill, 2014). Ryan also serves as a technical consultant for the television series “Mr. Robot”, where he works with the writers and production team to design the hacks depicted in the show.

Shyama Rose

Vice President, Information Security
Live Nation Entertainment

Shyama is the Vice President of Information Security for Live Nation Entertainment, the world’s leading producer and promoter of live entertainment and the parent company of Ticketmaster and the House of Blues.

Shyama joined Live Nation in December 2013, as a business security leader, implementing and maturing the Information Security and Compliance program for Ticketmaster. Prior to joining Live Nation, she was the Director of Software Security Engineering for CBS and NASDAQ, using her penetration testing roots to design and implement holistic security programs.

Shyama Rose is a regular keynote and Information Security industry speaker. She is the author of several Center for Internet Security benchmarks, and adjunct lecturer in New York University’s “Application Security” course.

Justin Seitz

A respected cyber security and open source intelligence practitioner who has trained and consulted with Fortune 500s, law enforcement agencies, and governments around the world. Justin is the author of two Python hacking books, instructor for the training program and the creator of the open source intelligence tool Hunchly.

Andrew Hay


Andrew Hay is the CISO at DataGravity where he advocates for the company’s total information security needs and is responsible for the development and delivery of the company’s comprehensive information security strategy. Prior to that, Andrew was the Director of Research at OpenDNS (acquired by Cisco) and was the Director of Applied Security Research and Chief Evangelist at CloudPassage, Inc.

Justine Bone

Executive Director
Secured Worldwide

Justine Bone has spent over 15 years working in private and public sectors, for financial, news and private security companies as well as several years serving the intelligence community. She is currently the Executive Director of Secured Worldwide. Previously she worked for Dow Jones where she headed Cyber Security and Special Projects.  In this role Justine was responsible for global Information Security as she helped evolve the Dow Jones' product lines, including Factiva and the Wall Street Journal.  She joined Hoyos Labs from Dow Jones, where she was Chief Information Security Officer. There she was accountable for steering the company’s information security strategies. She and her team helped define and deliver News Corporation-wide products and solutions, ensuring quality implementation and regulatory compliance whilst helping to increase revenue, profitability, and overall business value. She also managed Dow Jones’ Identity department, founded the DevOps group, and helped drive various cloud migration initiatives.

Previously, Justine held the position of CEO of security research company Immunity Inc and founder of independent private intelligence firm Vision Data. Justine joined Immunity after Bloomberg L.P., where she served as the company’s Head of Risk Management, including information and physical security. Her tenure there included forming the Bloomberg L.P. Information Security Group. Prior to that Justine was a vulnerability researcher and consultant with Internet Security Systems (now IBM) X-Force and research analyst with New Zealand’s Government Communications Security Bureau.


Karim Nathoo

Principal Consultant
Inverse Security Labs Inc.

Karim Nathoo is a freelance computer security consultant providing specialized security services to government, military and private sector clients. Karim has extensive experience in high assurance ethical hacking, incident response and security product evaluation, including the application of binary code analysis and reverse engineering. Karim has delivered professional services for international clients in Asia, Europe, Canada and the United States. Karim has performed security assurance and engineering engagements for organizations such as Apple, Microsoft, France Telecom, Cloakware Corporation, Creative Labs, Motorola, Verizon, Nokia, Philips Semiconductor, SONY BMG, SUN Microsystems, QNX Software Systems and numerous Canadian and US Government agencies.

Mike Sues

CEO & Ethical Hack Specialist
Rigel Kent Security & Advisory Services Inc.

Mike Sues’ career in security began at the Communications Security Establishment in 1987, later joining Rigel Kent in 2003 as an Ethical Hack Specialist. Mike has provided Penetration Testing, Application Security Reviews and specialized Security Training, as well as Vulnerability Analysis and Exploit Software development services to both private and public sector clients. An experienced security professional with an extensive background in both operational pen testing and vulnerability research, Mike has reviewed many high assurance environments, corporate and government departmental environments. This has included many PKI components and applications, wireless VPN infrastructures, investment and insurance IT environments as well as web-based banking applications and back-end credit card transaction processing systems.

Recent News

October 9th 2018

Cloud security issues are a key focus at this year’s COUNTERMEASURE IT Security Conference, with in depth training as well as key presentation from industry leaders. Graham Thompson, who participated in our 2017 cloud security panel discussion, leads an intensive three day training course, Cloud Security Fundamentals & FedRAMP. IBM’s Jeff Crume will be giving a keynote presentation on Security in the Clouds, and Teri Radichel will present on Top Priorities for Cloud Application Security. For institutions with a cloud infrastructure, these sessions should not be missed.

September 20th 2018

Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek join our growing list of speakers at COUNTERMEASURE 2018.  Their presentation on Security Self-Driving Cars will explore the future security issues of this emerging sector. 

In the not too distant future, we'll live in a world where computers are driving our cars. Soon, cars may not even have steering wheels or brake pedals. But, in this scenario, should we be worried about cyber attack of these vehicles? In this talk, two researchers who have headed self-driving car security teams for multiple companies will discuss how self driving cars work, how they might be attacked, and how they can ultimately be secured.
You can view their presentations and those of our other speakers here.

Cancellation Policy

Substitutions can be made at any time. Unfortunately we cannot refund registration fees. Each course is subject to a minimum number of students. In the unlikely event that a course must be cancelled due to low enrolment, full refunds will be provided to registered students.

For more information on COUNTERMEASURE 2018, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or our office line at 613-725-2079.