Kelly Lum


Security Engineer

As Kelly Lum has "officially" worked in Information Security since 2003, and is currently a Security Engineer at Tumblr...

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Nadeem Douba


Red Canari Inc.

Nadeem Douba is the founding principal of Red Canari, an information security consulting firm that specializes in the areas...

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Zach Lanier


Senior Research Scientist 

Zach Lanier is a Senior Research Scientist with Optiv, specializing in various bits of network, application, mobile, and embedded...

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Russ Nolen


Security Researcher 
Bit9 + Carbon Black

Russ Nolen is a currently a security researcher with Bit9 + Carbon Black. Before joining Bit9 + Carbon Black, he...

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Ray Boisvert


President and CEO
I-Sec Integrated Strategies

Ray is the former Assistant Director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Services (CSIS)...

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Joan Calvet


Malware Researcher 

As a malware researcher at ESET, Joan is mainly involved into in-depth malware investigations. He successfully...

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Sherif Koussa


Director of Application Security 
Software Secured

As the Founder and Director of Software Secured, Sherif helps clients design, develop and maintain secure software. Sherif...

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Craig Forcese


Associate Professor, Faculty of Law
University of Ottawa

Craig is an associate professor at the Faculty of Law (Common Law Section), University of Ottawa. He teaches public international....

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Jeremy Buis


Penetration Tester and JavaScript Developer
Software Secured

Jeremy is an Application Security Engineer and JavaScript Developer at Software Secured...

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