Justine Aitel


Head of Cyber Risk
Dow Jones

New Zealand-born Justine is risk specialist with background in vulnerability research, IT management, and classical ballet....

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Nelson Ko


Synergiq Solutions

Nelson is a high-impact inter-disciplinary innovator with multi-cultural understanding gained through years of international experience.

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Kelly Lum


Security Engineer

Kelly has "officially" worked in Information Security for the past ten years from everything to fledgling start ups...

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Thomas Lim


Founder and CEO
COSEINC and SyScan

Thomas Lim is the Founder and CEO of COSEINC and SyScan. He started SyScan in 2004, true-blue technical-based and vendor neutral IT...

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John Pavelich


Technical Threat Officer, Director Cyber Force Development
Canadian Forces

Major John Pavelich has over 30 years of experience in the federal government
and private sectors, including the Canadian Forces....

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AbdulAziz Hariri


Security Researcher - Zero Day Initiative
HP Security Research

AbdulAziz Hariri is a vulnerability analyst and exploit developer for the HP Zero Day Initiative. His primary role....

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John Weigelt (2)


National Technology Officer
Microsoft Canada

John’s almost 25 years of experience in cybersecurity, and his pioneering work in protocols, practices...

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