COUNTERMEASURE 2020 is Ottawa’s premier computer security conference featuring the best of both offensive and defensive tactics. 2020 will be the 9th year for this annual event. Preceding the core conference, we run three days of intensive technical and management training from September 14th to 16th at the Shaw Centre located in Ottawa, Canada. We are looking for dynamic trainers from the full spectrum of management and technical topics.

If you have a hot topic on computer security for which you have a well-planned and detailed course prepared, we would love to hear from you. Whether you are associated with academia, government or the private sector, we invite you to submit your training proposal for consideration.

Training sessions run from 8:30am to 4:30pm for the three days, with maximum class sizes of 25 and a minimum required participation of 5.  Class sizes may be extended past 25 participant if there is demand, but this is based upon room size capacity and mutual agreement with the trainer.  Capacity will only be extended past 25 participants if an additional trainer or support person is available to provide additional assistance.

A single screen and projector, as well as WIFI are available for all participants. Two refreshment breaks are provided per day for all participants. Any travel, accommodations or other expenses required are at the trainer’s expense. The conference organizers provide registration, event and venue management as well as marketing the course to our conference demographic. It is also incumbent on trainers to market their training course through social media or other channels to ensure the best possible turnout.
Pricing for the training is in Canadian dollars. Exact pricing has not been determined but will be similar to last year: $3,100, $3,300 or $3,500 depending on how early the student registers. Trainers will receive 50% of the training revenue.

Please submit your proposal or any questions to cfp@countermeasure.ca by no later than December 13th 2019. Please note that we will be accepting quality submissions as they are received so spaces may be filled prior to that date. Get your submissions in ASAP.

  • Training proposals should contain the following information:
  • Training Session Title
  • Training Abstract (maximum 250 words)
  • Training Outline (provide bullet points of what is to be covered)
  • Name of course instructor. Please attach full bio with past training experience
  • Please provide training prerequisites and technical requirements for participants
  • Explain what you hope attendees will gain from the training

List any other events where this course has been delivered.
Please include any attachments (ppt, pdf, etc.) with your submission.

Please note that we will not be entertaining training that is focused on selling services or products.

In addition, please provide the following contact information with your proposal:

  • Your Name
  • Your Title and Organization
  • Your Email Address
  • Your Phone Number