Nicholas Rowe

As a security solutions architect at BriteSky, Nicholas is responsible for the development,
deployment, and ongoing management and maintenance of integrated, end-to-end
cybersecurity solutions used in the BriteSky Security Operations Center (SOC). In this role,
Nicholas works with the security operations team to provide internal and external BriteSky
customers with pragmatic security solutions that address the dynamic business needs of
today’s threat landscape.

Nicholas has worked in progressively senior positions in the cybersecurity field. Before joining
the BriteSky team, he served as security solutions integrator at the Bank of Canada where he
was responsible for delivering security and identity tool integrations based on Bank of Canada
cybersecurity standards, advising project delivery teams on security infrastructure and
application deployments, and consulting on security solution deployment and architecture
within a software-defined network. He has served as a senior security analyst at the Bell Canada
SOC analyzing and assessing network and application vulnerabilities in a variety of areas,
including secure coding, network design and operation, software development life cycle, and
cloud application security. Prior to joining Bell Canada, he worked as a network security
engineer at Checkpoint Technologies where he was responsible for monitoring and preventing
network gateway attacks and intrusions, troubleshooting network environments, solving
connectivity and access rights issues, and in-depth traffic pattern and packet analysis.

Nicholas has extensive experience with on-premises and cloud-based network engineering,
design, and deployment and is qualified in a variety of network hardening practices and
technologies. He has led the development and deployment of a large-scale hybrid-cloud micro
segmentation policy frameworks spanning multiple geographically diverse data centers
currently being used by a large Canadian crown corporation. He has also been intimately
involved in developing a low-cost, open source security detection and telemetry agent based on
platform native tools, such as Sysmon and AuditD.

Presentation: Journey through the Labyrinth of Microsegmentation