Luc Dandurand

Presentation: Improving Preparedness Through Cyber Exercises

Mr Luc Dandurand is the Head of Cyber Operations at Guardtime, where he leads the development of cyber range automation software, cyber exercises for critical infrastructure and advanced cyber capabilities. Prior to joining Guardtime, he was the Head of the ICT Applications and Cybersecurity Division at the ITU, directing the program to assist ITU Member States in cybersecurity and in leveraging ICTs for sustainable development, focusing on National Cybersecurity Strategies and the establishment of National Computer Incident Response Teams.

Mr Dandurand started his career as a Signals Officer in the Canadian Forces, working mostly on advanced adversarial assessments of computer networks. After retiring from the military, he worked for Canada’s Communication Security Establishment, leading a team responsible for prototyping novel cybersecurity solutions. Prior to joining the ITU, Mr Dandurand worked at the NATO Communications and Information Agency, managing cybersecurity capability development projects for NATO and NATO Nations.