What Did You Do So Wrong, You Thought You Needed a Firewall in the Cloud?

Kellman Meghu
Tales from a reformed security administrator.

I used to think the cloud was a marketing term for someone else’s computer, and that I knew my place in the world, doing what I loved to do. Now imagine realizing that your whole approach to security and computers, was now wrong. That you had been invalidated by the rapid change of information technology, and a strategy for security that despite being successful, was in actuality an impending failure. I’ve made a horrible mistake. I took pride in helping people protect their business, but now I will take ownership for mistakes about to be made. I feel like I forgot the technology was there to serve the needs of the customer and started to think the customer needed the technology. It’s backwards, and we need to go back to delivering services that enable the business goals, including reduction of costs, before we end up bankrupting the whole thing under crippling IT costs. And if that means I need to change everything I worked so hard to build, well so be it.

You will be challenged to think differently about technology, and be exposed to transformative IT concepts as related to the cloud. This session aims to be disruptive, and arguments are encouraged.