Tyler Shields


VP Marketing and Strategy
Signal Sciences

Tyler Shields is a foremost expert on mobile, application, and Internet of Things security. He focuses his research time and energy on business strategy and the technologies used in securing the rapidly changing enterprise threat landscape. Shields has been quoted and referenced online and in print by publishers such as, Rolling Stone, Bloomberg, Forbes, Reuters, and the LA Times. Additionally, he has contributed to multiple television and radio interviews for both National Public Radio and the BBC. Previous positions include security consultant and researcher with @Stake, Veracode, and Symantec and also as a lead security analyst with Forrester Research. Currently, Tyler is the VP of Marketing and Strategy for Signal Sciences where he is helping to build the latest innovations in the area of Web Protection technology. Tyler holds a MS in computer Science from James Madison University and an MBA from Kenan Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.
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