Nikolaos Vasiloglou


Technical Director at Center for Advanced Machine Learning
Symantec + Blue Coat

Nikolaos Vasiloglou holds a PhD from the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology. His thesis was focused on salable machine learning over massive datasets. He is a technical director at the Symantec Center for Advanced Machine Learning, where he applies modern machine learning methods to Symantec and Blue Coat products. After graduating from Georgia Tech he founded Analytics1305 LLC(later SkyTree) and Ismion Inc. He has architected and developed the PaperBoat machine learning library which has been successfully integrated and used in the LogicBlox and HPCCSystems platforms. He has also served as a machine learning consultant for Predictix, Revolution Analytics (Acquired by Micosoft), Tapad and LexisNexis. Prior to joining Symantec he worked in the development of Damballa’s DNS reputation system, based on Notos, Pleades and Kopis papers that have received hundreds of citations. On his spare time he teaches graduate courses at the Georgia Tech School of Computational Science and Executive Education courses at the Georgia Tech Business school. His work has resulted in patents and production systems. He is also the technical chair of the conferences.
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