Greg Hills


Director Architecture and Technology Assurance

Greg joined the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) in 2007 after a distinguished career with the Royal Canadian Air Force.  In May 2015, Greg became the Director of Architecture and Technology Assurance at CSE. His responsibilities include providing secure architecture solutions for the high assurance and commercial assurance environments within the Government of Canada, delivering departmental IT security advice and guidance, evaluating cryptographic algorithms, and conducting technology assurance activities on both government-produced and commercially-produced devices.  Prior to joining CSE he was a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force for 21 years, fulfilling various roles in the IM/IT field. During that time, he represented the Department of National Defence/Canadian Armed Forces as an integree at the National Security Agency (NSA) for the Cryptographic Modernization Program.  Greg holds a Bachelor of Computer Science from Collège Militaire Royal de Saint-Jean and a Masters in Computer Science from Carleton University.
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