Security Eat, Pray, Love – One Woman’s Search for Everything that Will Secure Our World

Katie Moussouris

Plagued with decades of watching the Internet, security threats, and threat actors evolve.  Join one woman’s security journey from the pleasures of the flesh (hacking), to asceticism and rules (ISO standards & export controls), to that state of “betwixt and between” where balance is the goal for an imperfect, but incredible information evolution. Must we change our industry approach? In many ways yes.  

But doing so without acknowledgement of the fact that we have much of the right knowledge already, we have simply lacked the compelling incentives to inculcate the Internet with our wisdom would be insanity itself. Instead of creating more standards and rules, or repeating our work interminably, we must meta information share. What *actually* worked? What does the data tell us? What false conclusions and absolutes have we failed see in the system as a whole because w drew the wrong conclusions from our data?

To seek perfection in security is to stifle productivity and innovation. This is no romantic comedy. This is our digital, spiritual, human evolution on the wabi sabi world wide web.