Sandra Liepkalns


Information Security Architect
Netrus Inc.

Sandra Liepkalns brings over fifteen years of managing and directing implementation projects as well as reviewing and strategizing secure corporate IT Architectures to meet industry best practices and compliance; and is a Lecturer at the University of Toronto, Certificate in IT Security Management.

During her career at Netrus, Ernst & Young and Unilever, she has designed, managed and implemented corporate security policies and awareness programs, including a stratified risk management approach to securing high risk and critical systems; designed procedure models for the management of third party network connections; developed third party Internet Web Service Provider security review and compliance models; and established global metrics and Internet, Wireless and System threat risk assurance modeling, testing, analysis and compliance processes. 

Sandra has participated as a security advisor for many projects including eBusiness / eMobile Applications, Threat Risk Assessments, Security and Privacy, Governance, Infrastructure, Network Management, Firewall, Internet, Web, Portal, Mobile and Wireless Technology for numerous corporations, government and government agencies in North America and Europe.